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All Prices are shipped in the U.S.A. Except where noted due to size.

Don't be afraid to make offers. I want this stuff GONE!

First Come, First Served, No Dubs, Just PM Me to verify availability or ask any questions ?? before purchase. I will update here as items are sold

PayPal to [email protected] or Local Cash Only Deals Please. Package Deals and Combined Shipping!

Most items can be viewed at : or PM me for photos. Lower prices are listed here.

High Port Engine:
Distributor, High Port off of 1992 G20 Cap, Rotor, Plug Wires, Plastic Shield $40.00
Coil off of 1992 High Port $20.00
Intake Manifold, complete with injectors, runners, EGR etc. PM for photos $50.00
TPS Sensor: $10.00

Lowport Engine:
Throttle Body with AT or Manual TPS $25.00
AT or Manual TPS $10.00
Fuel Injector Set for 1994 or newer G20T, Completely Rebuilt, cleaned and Flow Tested in Matched Set with Documentation: - $150.00 shipped
Front Oxygen 02 Sensor, New, Bosh $60.00
Starter Motor: SOLD
Power Steering Pump: Complete with hoses $35.00
Axles, Passenger side, 2 good boots, no leaks, $40.00 each - PM for Photos

SR20VE Engine:
Distributor with harness $35.00
Alternator: $40.00
A/C Pump and Mounting Plate, (yes, they are both different) hoses cut $75.00
Big Box of Cut Plug Ends from VE Wiring Harness $25.00

Body Parts:
Front Driver Door, complete, glass, inner panels mirror $50. Local pick-up only
Passenger Door-Complete Left Side Passenger Side Fender - 1 minor ding $50.00 Local pick-up only

Front Spoiler-Lip SOLD
Passenger Side Fender SOLD
Engine Hood - Bonnet SOLD

1999 G20T Factory 6-12 Spoke Wheels with Center Caps.
"As-new" condition $350.00local pick-up or delivery
Factory stock wheels with snow tires 2 good, 2 poor - $75.00 Local pick-up only

Body / Electrical Parts:
Front Passenger Headlight in Mounting Frame, black Lower Trim SOLD
Right Rear Inner Light/Lens, no bulbs $20.00
Right Rear Outer, Light/Lens, no bulbs $20.00
Left Rear Inner Light/Lens, no bulbs $20.00
Clear Glass Door Window Panels $25.00 Local pick up only unless buying several pieces
Turn Signal Stalk $10.00
Ignition Switch and Key $25.00
Trunk / Gas Hatch Door Switch $10.00
Window Up/Down Switch $10.00
Center Console Passenger Window Switch set $10.00
Driver side Power Mirror - Bronze Metallic - $25.00
Passenger Side Power Mirror - Black $25.00
Window Regulators, Frames, etc. $25.00 each - PM for photos
Chrome Door Handles: Set of four (4) $15.00

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what color is the hood?
I live in Vancouver BC, is there any chance you would meet me somewhere... maybe 1/3 the way? I'm willing to drive all the way down there this weekend to pick it up.
And I might pick up the lip as well
and probably the headlights too

Used to own a P10
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How many miles on the injectors in the highport manifold? I have no interest in the manifold but I might want the injectors.

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Highport injectors

Mileage unknown - still in manifold.
Will separate. I can pull and supply description of condition and photos after removal
Will sell set of 4 "as-is" for $30.00 delivered. Let me know if interested.

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Turn signal

These are P10 series items - looks like you have a P11
if for someone else, please be more specific front-rear, control stalk ???
what are you after.
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