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FS: P10/P11 items...AEM, B&M shifter, Hotshot header, OEM floor mats, S4 JWT & more

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FS: P10/P11 items...AEM, B&M shifter, Hotshot header, OEM floor mats, S4 JWT & more

Hello All,

In support of my P10 "restoration" project, here are some items I would like to sell to help fund this project. Lots of the items are hard to get a hold of these days it seems.

The prices are obo and do not include shipping unless noted. If shipping is included, only to lower 48. Paypal fees are additional. I am willing to ship international.

Front set of grey oem floor mats. They are stained. $20 + PP fee

Essentially brand new OEM tan floor mats. I used these until I switched to the black interior. Can't find a set in better shape unless they are BNIB. $100 + PP fee. Individual photos available upon request.

Impul speedometer reads 129k+ KM, comes with the cluster (no bulbs). Only for 91-93 P10 vehicles. This is geared more for the Euro / Canadian crowd since it is in KM. As you can see the cluster is missing a tab, but its easy enough to swap the housings. Second photo shows some cracking in the speedometer housing (dark lines in the photo). Point to note, the fuel & water gauges are USDM. Reason is, I bought this particular cluster to swap that guage out as the cluster was originally from a manual car. The Manual cars in Japan (at least the 2.0Te) had a OEM oil pressure guage. Never been tested as I have a '94. $100 + PP fees SOLD

Nismo FPR. Used, pulled from a running car, IIRC set for 4bar & 255lph walbro. $95 Shipped FIRM + PP fees

Authentic B&M short shifter works on P10/P11/B13/B14/B15/A32/A33. SOLD

Set of OEM GTiR rods. Includes used bearings (I wouldnt use the bearings). $100 shipped + PP fees. SOLD!

JWT S4 cams, used. $300 shipped + PP fees. SOLD

AEM EMS series 1 for 94+ G20s, Sentras, 200SX, etc. Works for any nissan with the same ECU connector & same pin outs. Includes the above sensors, which is a 3.5 Bar MAP sensor and GM IAT. I really do not know the market for this, so for a shot in the dark $700 shipped + PP fees

MSD 6A, used. I bought it but never installed it and never tested. $70 shipped + PP fees

Gspec Under drive pulley....has damage in key way. $40 shipped includes PP fees
*does not include VE spacer

OEM Mount with window weld to fill it in. Its in great shape ready to roll again. I switched to a P11 crossmember so I have no need for it. $30 shipped, paypal included.
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Nice stuff, let the low-balling....BEGIN!
Nice stuff, let the low-balling....BEGIN!
$25 for cams shipped..
I'll take the shifter, shoot me a PM. Thanks!
$25 for cams shipped..
That offer is hard to resist....hmmm...but I think I'll hold out a bit longer :)
That offer is hard to resist....hmmm...but I think I'll hold out a bit longer :)
forgot to mention that i could make the $25 but would be in several payments.. :)
Interested in the header, I'll send a PM.
Whats the part number on that AEM?
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Short shifter is sold. FPR is pending payment. Header has interested folks.
FPR is Sold and shipped.
Added front mount and updated some pricing.
o0o0o the Hotshot is prettyyyyy. Awaiting pics
I should get it up tonight.
I take the impul speedo.
I take the impul speedo.
Clear out your PMs and let me know your address to calculate shipping to ES.
I cannot find the primaries for the Headers for the life of me. I found my original used set, but that isnt going to help here.
I have one more place I can check out, but if I can't find it there its officially lost. I'm bummed. I'll check everyone posted.
Any chance that secondary matches a HKS/Fuji/etc header? I imagine not, but worth a shot.
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