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I have a good pair of left and right QH upper control arms that I parted out from my P10. They have about 10,000 miles on them and still plenty of life left. As I recall, I had an easy experience replacing my old UCA's with these and I bought them to eliminate a common source of suspension noise.

These were ordered from the UK last year. If you do some researching, QH makes far superior OEM replacements than what you will find from eBay. Ebay UCA's were sometimes reported to not align correctly during installation or they didn't last very long. Your mileage may vary with other brands.

Reference pictures with logo on packaging > (These pictures are NOT MINE - taken from member slimlou)

QH UCA's will probably be your best bet for a OEM quality replacements on a P10.

I have taken a few pictures of my own to show that the condition of my seals are intact. My only seller references are with Heatware -

Asking $80 for the pair. I'm in the New Jersey zipcode 08820 area if you want to pick them up. Otherwise add $10 for shipping. I prefer cash in person, otherwise paypal if shipped. Send me a PM.

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