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FS P11 Brushed aluminum door sills

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Sold thanks
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For those who wants to bling.
Dave is a good guy - highly recommended. Bump for a legit seller
Thanks man. Did you ever get the spec v wheels? There's a guy on craigslist selling ADR 17" which look similar to Spec V. Just search for 4x114 under cinci
Not yet unfortunately. I have a C-list search I look at just about every day...I get a lot of decent results, the ADRs are in there...too bad theres not enough dollars in my account at the same time.

Im also liking 07 Sentra SR wheels. I need to get my suspension under control first tho...still havent even installed the KYBs I bought. I have a decent little stash of parts built up now, just no time (and now no space) to install em - we moved into a rental about 2 months ago, will be there for a year or so, and it doesnt come with any garage space. SMH

Anyway, good luck with the sale!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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