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Sorry for what might sound like a stupid question, but you say these are for '99 to '02 models, but does that mean they are for what we in the UK would call a P11-144 ?.

I ask as I have a '99 GT Primera but it's not a 144 model.

Also, do you have a page where you list all the products you produce, please ?.

Best I could do is show you what JDM cars share the USDM P11 subframe and therefore can use my inserts and I took a screen shot for you and im pretty sure your 99GT is the same as the USDM 99 P11 (non-144) don't get our calling our USDM P11 mistaken for being the P11-144 which we never got here in the USDM

141 - 160 of 177 Posts
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