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FS: P11 Driver's (Left) Fender off a 1999 G20 in Queens, NYC

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Driver's side front fender removed from a 1999 Infiniti G20
I believe it's Silver Metallic KR4, it's kind of a silver/gray color
Nice condition with no major dents (small tiny one in the middle of the wheel arch)
Some light marks that can be buffed out easily
Lower mounting holes on the bottom of the fender have some rust
The sideskirt traps dirt, salt, and moisture and always rusts this area out but it will still mount fine and won't be visible once installed
Available for pickup from Queens, NYC only

The backstory: A family member asked me to get her a fender from the junkyard because someone backed into her white G20. I went to several junkyards last weekend and stumbled upon this grey one and it was in nice shape so I took it. As luck would have it, the next junkyard I found a white one. I was extremely pissed because I couldn't go back and return the grey one. So I bought the white one too. Now I have a grey one that I have no use for. I always get the shit end of the stick by doing things for other people. Nice guy finishes last, right? Hence the username, Sucker. I must have it written on my forehead or something.


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You can get a brand new one on rockauto for 55
You can get a brand new one on rockauto for 55
That sucks. Then make a legitimate offer if interested.

In my defense, it would be $55 plus $65 for shipping for an aftermarket fender from rockauto that may or not fit properly. I don't know about aftermarket parts for Infinity in particular but all the aftermarket parts I've dealt with before fit like crap and I refuse to use them. And this one is already painted so hopefully someone with the same color has an interest in it.
Woot woot Craigslist to the rescue and this bitch is sold!!

Now I'm done doing favors for anyone. :naughty:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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