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FS- P11 H&R Springs LoCo DMSentra Tophats and KYB Shocks

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Refreshed Post 5/17/2014

Time to move these! Bought these in the spring from WeazG20 with the intention of installing them on my sons P11 and we ended up selling the car before we got them installed. They are still in the original plastic container WeazG20 shipped them in and are ready to go. I will sell them for the same price I bought them for $400 shipped OBO. I sent a PM to WeazG20 to get details on mileage on this setup. Based on what he said they have approx. 25k miles on them.

Original thread I purchased them off of:

Prefer to keep them as a complete set. Will part if I can't get a buyer to buy them complete as they sit.

Text me is the quickest way to get a reply. I don't surf these forums much anymore. four eight three.

I've sold a ton of stuff on ebay so don't worry if I'm a credible seller. ebay user id is tc-hifi for reference.




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Shoot me a pm and I'll give you my Paypal info.
HR sport or race springs?
Rears have the following model number- H&R 29778VA Fronts are - 29778UA. Rear shocks are GR2's and fronts are AGX's.
Those are Sport springs. Thx!
Me too. :( Sad to see the car go before we really got to do what we planned to originally do to it.
so much want. This is pretty much the exact combo Im looking bump.
Hey... are you nearing intrest of parting the set? I just want the springs back.. :)
Not yet but I'll hit you up if I don't get anyone to bite on the package. Just buy all of it back, it will be like old times. :)
Lol... Wish I could but on a tight budget.... we'll talk when your ready... lmk
Good setup! Somebody needs to buy this! Former Ivory mod!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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