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Yes im still alive I think.

But its been sometime since I had last posted here that im no longer a sponsor. :eek:

Anyways I was doing some cleaning and still found some G20 stuff around:

1)P11 Japanese/European 3 Spoke Sport steering wheel for P11 with Airbag in great condition. - ( installing this wheel gives you a slightly smaller diameter than your stock wheel, but eliminates your cruise control buttons ) $300.

2)Miscellaneous Nissan Centercaps that I will just give away to the first person that wants it - You pay shipping costs which should be like $5.

3)Full Turbo Kit - All the parts listed in my previous post. Yes I still have this thing here. Asking for $1500 OBO. Today is Monday - If you come pick it up this Saturday, $1000 and ill give you the JWT ECU for a P11 free.

Keep in mind - The whole setup was in a 99 G20T A/T. The ECU is also for an A/T but will work on a manual tranny without any problems, exception of the CEL light on confirmed by JWT.

4)RS Watanabe rims. All straight. BUT All 4 needs the faces to be reconditioned. Will come with new valve stems shipped to me by RS Watanabe in Japan. The rims are RARE !! 16x6.5 with a +40 offset on all 4. They are true light weight 3 piece wheels ! I paid big bucks for my P11 project back in the day but now its just paper weight. $500 shipped obo.

ALL pics and descriptions of items are available in my old posts for the above items.

Still working on my crapola mobile, hope to get some pics of it up soon. Tootles guys !
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