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I have the stock original BOSE Headunit/CD Player from my 2001 G20 which was used for only a few months and is in PERFECT Condition! $80

I also have both sets, Front set consisting of the Bose 6.5" Midbass and the 3/4" Tweeter and the rear set consisting of the 6.5" FullRange driver for sale as a complete set for $80

Original Leather/Chrome CD-Holder with Infiniti and BOSE Logo on it, BRAND NEW! Never had a CD in it! $15 or included FREE with any purchase of the above!

Or best offers :)



ALSO, just to warn people that my deal with "Casual" fell through. He offered to buy these and I held them for him for over 3 months with him telling me that he had sent payment various times without me receiving a single dime and he caused me to break up a complete set over him not buying these. Now his e-mail address is invalid and he has replied not to any e-mails I sent him about the matter before his address was closed. Just WARNING you all.
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