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FT: 2002 Sports 5spd black SOCAL

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FS: 2002 Sports 5spd black SOCAL

2002 Sports obs black 5spd
122,xxx miles
no mods
interior/exterior is in excellent condition (pics to come)
$4000 OBO
best way to reach is by email [email protected]

Pics here...
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damn.. somebody needs to hop on this ASAP... dont think you will have problems with that.
Why can't things like this poo up in jersey
because there is already enough "poo" in jersey. :D I couldn't resist
damn. This will go quickly
nxSRg20 didn't get an email from you. Please use the email I listed on the post and not the email on g20 profile. thanks!
mine needs work, but i can send pics, and add some cash, just pm'd you
I too have sent you an email.
emailing now. I have a 2001 white and tan g20 auto if interested.
Hi Rich,
I have emailed your personal email. I would like to follow up and see the car this weekend. I am local in San Clemente.


I replied to you, did you get it? email me a cell # so we can set a time.
How much of a hurry are you to selling this?!?!?
why not just keep it & swap to AT? Im sure you could quickly sell / trade the 5spd swap
Not in a rush to sell. Not listed the car any where else but here.

I'll lower the price for members ;)
Aw man. If this was in NJ i would have bought this instantly. Anyone know how much it costs to ship a car from CA to NJ?

ack - just got a quote and it would cost 1075$
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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