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G-force fia pro series camlock 6-point racing harness

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I have a set of 'almost new' G-Force FIA Pro Series 3" harnesses. I had these installed in my former Spec Miata for 2 months for a passenger seat and they were used a total of twice in that 2 month time (after that time the seat and belts were completely removed) so these are essentially as-new now. Not exposed to any rain or even sunshine because car was garaged the entire time except for the 2 track days when it was under a canopy when not on track.

New these cost $185 plus shipping. Selling now for $115 shipped via FedEx ground to anyone within the conti-USA.

Note these are FIA Dated 2011 so they are not valid for w2w racing unless they are sent out to be re-certified (no I have not done this with G-Force and do not know what is involved). So these are most ideal now for Autocross, Time Trials, a passenger seat or just a fun track-day type setup.

Photos here:

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sold and shipping out today
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