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When: 9.8.2013 @ 11am
Where: G20-Budo's garage and grill
Why: Why not? We're going to do some grillin' and wrenchin'. Bring something to toss on the grill and come hangout. Please let us know here first though.. so I know how many to expect, and have an idea of what you'll be bringing?

Who's in - What they're bringing?
Weazy (WeazG20) -
Greg (GregM) -
Mike (P11Gdub) -
Marcus (ManJuice) -
j0n (Cavern) -
Kyle (G20-Budo) - hosting
Danny (SUZA) -

See you there.

Pics from the meat!
Jesse doing his thang. :banana:

All White Nissan meat!

Yes, the elusive Cavern WAS at the meat. (yeah he's a scary bastard)... ;)

GregM and Weazy (Jesse)

Al giving some kind of lecture?? :zoinks:

Po getting some work done..

Al's "Huh" look.

Greg's car saying "I'm looking at you..."

Al and I.. a couple of OLD school VE brothers

And finally, the parking lot.

And we pulled around the corner for a lined up shot..

Blackwater in action
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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