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G20-Budo's P10-VE Panda "Po" History thread

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After looking around for some of Po's (My P10-VE Panda) threads, I realized they were all over the place. And it might make sense to create a single summary/history post that has links to all of the relevant thread regarding my car. So here we go:

Header (Edge Racing, a.k.a. SSAC 2.5") and radiator install thread
Ohlins suspension rebuild thread
Brake upgrade time (P11 from, [email protected] BBK rear)
SR20VE install thread
Calum RT VVL activating ECU install thread
Very cool ATI crank test fit (which I could have afforded it at the time and kept it) thread
Found/fixed issue with my WB
Some cosmetic pics of Po
00-02' P11 LSD trans (with B15 FD) and Centerforce clutch install
SR20VE 20V header & Snickers custom 2-1 secondary install
Tecnocast wheels (with small repair)
P10 Loco Poly Subframe Bushings Install

I have a few other projects for Po in work right now. I will start threads for them and link them here in this history thread as time goes on.
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Very nice build. The car is how I pictured mine to be :thumbsup:
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