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G20 Motor Mounts discontinued. Now What?

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I need to replace the motor mounts on my 2000 G20 automatic. My mechanic recommended OEM parts but...

"Engine Mount" 11270-2J210 and "Engine Mount (Front)" 11210-4M810 are still available.


"Automatic Transmission Mount (Left, Front) 11220-7J110 is discontinued and
"Engine Mount (Rear)" 11320-2J210 is discontinued....

I am wondering what people are doing in this situation. I looked up Beck/Arnley parts, but only found replacements for the two that are still available... but not the discontinued ones.

I called the parts department in downtown L.A. but they simply said to find aftermarket ones. (That seemed odd.... if I brought my car to them for new motor mounts, does that mean the service department would turn me away?)

Please advise. Help.
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Is this a stock daily driver or “other” purpose?
I dont understand your question. What other purpose? I have been goggling parts all afternoon And thought maybe I could get help if I posted here….

here are the discontinued parts:

OEM is always best when they can be had but at some point they will be all gone. If it’s a daily driver you can get BeckArnley from rock auto. If you want performance parts and do t mind the extra vibration I’d go with C’s Performance, hit him up on Facebook.
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Thank you for your answer.

About the car: My G20 has $175,000 miles and I drive it about 3,000 miles a year. Transmission stays in second gear until driven about a mile or so then it shifts fine for the remainder of the day. (Don’t know if that means my transmission is going, but I thought I would mention it).

I have three more questions:

Question 1: Since two parts are available OEM from the dealer, should I get them there ($270 from an Infiniti dealer in NY including shipping) and get the two discontinued pieces from Rock Auto? Or should I just get everything from Rock Auto since I cannot get all four mounts OEM?

Question 2: The illustrations from the dealer don’t match the image from Rock auto, but I assume that is okay as long as the part numbers match?

Engine Mount (Rear)" 11320-2J210

11320-2J210 - INFINITI Engine Mount (Rear) | Orange Coast INFINITI, WESTMINSTER CA

More Information for DEA / MARMON RIDE CONTROL A7339

"Automatic Transmission Mount (Left, Front) 11220-7J110

11220-7J110 - INFINITI Automatic Transmission Mount (Left, Front) | Orange Coast INFINITI, WESTMINSTER CA

More Information for DEA / MARMON RIDE CONTROL A4301

Question 3: They did not have Beck/Arney substitutions for these two parts. The choices were either DEA or Westar.

For part 11320-2J210, DEA is $36.79 , Westar $8.04

For part 11220-7J110, DEA is $25.79 , Westar $46.89.

Which brand do you recommend?
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This may or may not help, but I picked up one from Amazon about 2 years ago. It says currently unavailable, but maybe someone has stock of this somewhere.

Eagle BHP motor mount.

This is for a manual trans, I don't know if is different for auto.
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