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Just an update if anyone should have the same problem. I just installed an OEM Maf sensor and the car runs much better, no stalling anymore. Maybe I should have done this FIRST instead of dropping $ on a new Iacv. Oh well.

What I did was:

Cleaned IACV and MAF Twice --> No good
NEW IACV + Relearn at dealer --> Stalls in P
New OEM MAF --> Seems to be OK now

One tip for those with idle problems. Unless you're sure you can do the idle relearn on your own. DON'T UNPLUG THE IACV FROM THE HARNESS. It will only make your life more miserable.

Hopefully this fixes my idle problems. On to the next set of problems! WOO!
So question I have an ‘02 g20 that threw the P0100 mass or volume air flow, P0325 knock sensor & P0505 idle air control we replaced all three and she drove beautifully long enough to pass smog get registered then began to threaten to stall, jump around while driving, she did stall twice and when you put her in park to turn she idles so high it’s like she’s screaming. Oh and all 3 codes immediately returned within a week of being repaired, would the idle relearning help my bipolar g20?
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