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G20 only one headlight working, high and low beam fix

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Whats up guys, wanted to share what was up with my headlight issue on a 1994 P10. The forum was a huge help, maybe this will give someone with the same issue an easy fix. My P10 only has 160k and the other day only the right low beam would come on, and only the left high beam would come on. Obviously, checked bulbs first- they were good. Connections looked good as well. Turned out it was the headlight switch, you can disassemble it and clean the contacts if you want but that did not help mine. All the ones at the junkyard looked weathered, instead of paying $100 plus for one at autozone, I ordered one off Amazon brand new for $53.00.
Again, most of y'all are mechanically inclined and could figure this out for yourselves but hopefully this will help somebody and keep them from an expensive repair bill. Switch is super easy to replace. There are lots of variables and you could have a wiring or corrosion issue, bad ground etc but I would suspect the switch if your problem was the same as mine
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