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O.k. Guys.. The car is as ready as it's gonna get for the Alaska trek... We are gonna try to do 800 miles per day so we make it to Anchorage in 5 days... I donnu if we can pull it off but I have no doubt that the G20 can do the deed! I'll see if I can post something underway but if 'net access isn't feasible or too expensive, I may be signing off for just a hair over 3 weeks! WE've got so much to do and I won't have time to check online today any more... We set out at 5am tomorrow morning with Fargo, ND as the target for the 1st night... we shall see if we can muster it...

(I can feel the withdrawel symptoms from already) <--LOL

So Take Care everyone!!! And, I'll share the G20 experience as some point during or after the trip!!!

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