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G20tMonkey's '93.5 Silver Crystal Metallic G20

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I knew I'd be back. I sold my last '93.5 P10
to fund the purchase of my '92 SE-R four and a half years ago. To some degree I've always regretted letting that P10 go, but today starts a new era of daily driving. I have secured a deposit on a silver, 5 speed '93.5 which I'll be picking up Monday or Tuesday. Preferably Monday...

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welcome back and nice p10. what are your plans?
Thanks guys. For now I have a K&N pop charger waiting to go on and I'll be bumping the timing, re-grounding the MAF and going over any needed maintenance. Then maybe some spec-v wheels in the future and that's about it.
I can't wait to see this one. :D
Tomorrow. :banana:
Got it! Pics later...
And here she is...

The only rust I can find anywhere...

No floor mats so some carpet samples will have to do for now...

Dealer removed the bezels instead of cutting them to fit the lights...

I'll get body panel pics some other time. To friggin' cold!
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What a great find. It shall be maintained well by you, sir.
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