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G35 Coupe VQ35DE

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wanted to share my new pick up with you guys :teeth:

06' 65k aero/sport/premium w navi

day i got her

plans are coilovers a ztube and a new filter for now

viper alarm and tints hopefully being installed this weekend if the weather permits

this shit sucks in the snow.
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Excellent look bro and yeah its terrible in the snow lol
thanks homie what sucks is the care note associated with it but its not TOO bad
da fuq whats with this new white g domination going on this forum
my gf has an 05 sport with the oe 19in chrome wheels. came with a aem intake and borla exhaust. I'm going to be installing the intake manifold spacer here soon. I love the sound of the vq.
So what happened with the P11?
sold it to a local member bro. hope he takes care of it
thanks dude!

and yeah man that vq sound is sweet. ill do exhaust eventually
Damnnn... bitches be upgrading left n right. Glad yall staying true with infiniti
I rarely see g35's in white. Looks great.

Damnnn... bitches be upgrading left n right. Glad yall staying true with infiniti
I suppose I could post a thread with my new Infiniti.... But I'm lazy
... are we all going to get g35's now? can we make a
thats the plan... me and david is secretly recruiting
If I could hand pick a G35/350Z/370Z that is exactly what I'd have chosen as well. Very nice. You have a LOTTTTT of modding to do now to catch up to the G35 coupe guys. :D
Nice ride.
This is probably my favorite g35. I like the older style coupes after the refresh.
Awesome car! And you were going to get it in black, smh. Good choice
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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