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GA16DE Mani Where to buy ?

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Alright Guys Im From across the pond in sunny old Ireland and Im looking for a stainless steel
Mani/ header for my GA16DE I thought you guys could help me out . I have been on eBay and they have OBX ones but Tbh iv hard good and bad Reviews mostly bad lol plus I don't want to buy from eBay

Just looking for good brand or company that does em Also im pretty sure the GA16DE in my P11 is the same type that was in the Nissan Sentra over there

Any help would be great

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I would recommend going with one of the eBay headers. I'd get the cheapest one you can find, because they're all pretty much the same (and likely made at the same factory). I don't think anyone stateside produces a header for the GA anymore. Many members on here (myself included) use eBay headers on our SR20s. All you need to do is purchase high quality steel or copper gaskets to replace the ones that come with the header.
Fair enough man Just thought id ask Going for a full stainless steel system soon but the place Im getting it fitted dont do Mani's lol will go for the one of the Bay so

Thanks for the reply Bud;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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