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Garage Clear Out Sale - Cheap Clear Out

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** I prefer to sell locally but will sell if buyer is willing to pay true shipping **

Cut Tein springs - 25 + shipping

I didn't do the cutting. I purchased the springs and ended up picking up a KYB AGX/Tein Stech combo before I sold my G. I was told the setup ran decent before I purchased em.

Full OBDI Engine Wiring Harness Intact - 50 + shipping

Purchased from charles. Never had the time to put it in. Connectors all look good.

GTiR Top Mount Intercooler core, Intercooler bracket, and intake pipe for a stock T28 - 100 + shipping

Stone Headgasket Kit BNIB: P/N: JHS-00449 for an SR20 - 50 + shipping

I will also be listing up a rebuilt P10 Touring Trans in a bit here. Just an FYI for people who are looking.

Looking to clear out my garage and throw funds into set of bucket seats for the new car. Hit me up with an offer. I want this stuff gone.
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Bump. Give me an offer. I'll consider just about anything.
are the springs still for sale?
for p10 or 11
If the springs are for a p10 I may be interested, I've got a set if AGX's I can put them on, and are they bouncy or cut the decent way?
Dids on wirring harness for a friend

interested in the harness.. is this for manual?
I have informed him. Hope he will get back to everyone soon!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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