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Gauging interest on offset upper mounts for your coilovers.

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I'm wondering how many of you would be interested in offset upper mounts to fit your coilovers? Also, if you are, would you post what brand so I get an idea of how many styles I'll need to figure for?
Price would be in the 250$/pair neighborhood I'm thinking, with pillowballs, made from aluminum, straight bolt in situation. Loren.
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Would this address the rubbing on the 3rd links ?
Excellent , I would be interested in a set for P11 Tein SS coilovers .
I've seen them in person. They look awesome and beefy.
where were you like 5 months ago! I had to make my own, but out of steel. would love aluminum. Also, for the ppl thinking the bearings will make nvh increase, I am saying from experience that it actually feels better than stock bushings. it actually helps the dampers do there job. Hope ppl bye these so at some point to replace my heavy steel ones.

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I need some for my circuit sports coilovers p10
I think the only way Loren would make them is of he had atleast 10 people to put $250 down on a set. Meaning pay up front and let him order the materials and then go to town. Otherwise its not worth it.
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