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Theres a group buy getting organized on the se-r mailing list. Heres the info...

Its been a while since any group deals have been setup, so ive decided tostart one up.Im setting up a group deal on JWT S-series cams(S3 and S4). I think we allknow the performance gains on these cams, so I wont go into detail.

The price will be $519 + shipping. JWT sells these cams for over $550 + shipping.

Please only serious buyers with money in hand contact me. My goal is to get 10 people. As in the past the name of the company im setting up the deal will not be disclosed. Only those who have paid up will know. This is a needed precaution in order to setup group deals as many of the senior list members know.

Rest assured that I have setup a few group deals before and this one will be no different from the past ones. The people involved are very professional and are very active in the SE-R community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I have not set a deadline for the group deal but it wont be very long, this
ensures that those who enter the gd will get their cams ASAP.

From now on I will only post in the se-r deals list. So sign up.

Louis Rosanova
95 200sx SE-R
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