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Ive done a bit of searching and didnt really find any exact answers to my inquery. I've got a G20 down at work that i'm picking up monday and i'm sure it was neglected by its previous owner. Basicly i just want to take care of the usual stuff that makes drivability and gas milage dwindle. So far on my list ive got:
Oil change
Plug wires
Distributer cap/rotor
Air filter
Fuel Filter
Clean throttlebody
and O2 sensor

Does the PCV effect milage on the P10? i know it didnt on my 300zx, it rather effected throttle response and caused a sluggishness in the powerband. Is there anything i'm missing or have i pretty much nailed it all? Also, i am aware that weak compression can cause low milage/performance and i have cleared that from the list as well. thanks in advance guys.
Edit: also i'm not going for any power mods on this car i am keeping it completely stock so is it worth the extra money to get the platinum plugs? I know if you put anything but platinum in my 300zx it would run like complete ass, but on the P10 will the NGK non platinum plugs work just fine?
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