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FS: '92 g20 5-spd -> $650

OK I've decided to sell my car. I've been using it as a daily driver since December. I've driven it a lot and it hasn't given me an serious problems.

here's the history as far as I know of.

I bought the car at the end of last summer (around the end of august, begiining of september) from a co-worker. Before he owned it the car was involved in a accident. The radiator support needs to be reaplced. When he took the car in he replaced some parts. He repalced the hoods, headlights, corner lights, foglights and grille. The original bumper is still on the car and is messed up. The exterior of the car shows signs of its age. It has scratches and dings all around. The paint is still shiny, but there are swirl marks. There is rust on the front fenders, but they both need to be replaced anyway. (See bottom). The car drives really well. The clutch is ok, but slips when shifting quickly from gear to gear. The Throwout bearing is also making noise. It does seem like it needs a tune up. The valve cover gasket is leaking, oil pan gasket too. because of the accident there is no a/c. The compressor is still there and so are the lines, but the only missing components are the condensor and receiver/drier. I was going to replaced the rad support and get the a/c running, but I don't have the money for this car and my sentra at the time.

As far as I know this car is fully loaded.

it comes with a sunroof, which at one time looked like is leaked (stained headliner) , but hasn't leaked for me. Its been through rain and crap and I haven't seen or felt anything.

Other options that I see are:
blue light button (not operation at the time because of no a/c)
fog lights (they're painted yellow now, but if the buyer doesn't want them yellow I can remove the paint)
Larger arm rest cover

1992 Infiniti g20
5-spd transmission
212,xxx miles
Black exterior
Tan seats, carpet, and door inserts
Black dash and door panels.

Motor still runs really strong for its milage and age.
Replaced front brakes 2 months ago
Compete brake fluid flush same time brakes were replaced
oil changes every 2500-3000 miles, religiously done. I even flushed the engine out every time I changed the oil.
Remanufactured alternator replaces the old one which seized on me. I replaced this about a month and a half ago.
During that time I replaced both drive belts as well.

Lower part of d/s fender is rusted out, needs new fenders
passenger side fender starting to rust as well plus it has a dent in it.
Front hood is primered.
paint is showing signs of age, dings scratches, some rust etc.
Hand brake cables need to be replaced
Needs new trunk lock cylinder. It doesn't open with the key, but works fine with the switch.

Sorry but the spec V wheels don't come with the car. The stock 14" wheels will come with the car though.

Here's some pics:

Asking price: $900 for a great commuter car.
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