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Goldie Lux....

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Hi and hello G World... I would like to introduce Goldie Lux.

1999 Infiniti G20

-JDM Duals with 350z factory ballast
-Infiniti corners fitted to the duals with dual filament
-Nissan Badging all around
-Honda S2000 shorty antenna
-Custom fog light finisher (projector fog mod coming soon)
-17x7 et40 wheels
-215/45R17 tires
-Eibach lowering springs
-ES Sway bar and end link bushings
-ES Steering rack and f&r motor mount inserts (not installed yet)
-Highport cam (not installed yet)
-Nissan valve cover (not installed yet)
-Ebay intake tube with k&n filter
-Optima red top battery

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Lol I know I know.... wanna trade straight across with your set and my factory? Lol I should wake up now before you beat the dreaming crap out of me for asking that.... j p paul!! Thanks..
Nice. I have the same car (year/color) and plan to do a lot of similar things - although yours is further along. Is there a write up for the Honda S2000 shorty antenna?
Love the s2000 antenna. Was there an improvement with the radio? I would like to do the same thing if you can provide how you did it.
Thanks. The antenna works great for me since my stock ones stopped extending out. Actually one of the members(chopstick (Idk if I spelled his name right) gave a spare one he had to me and advice just to pull the antenna out and cut it then just thread in. Just make sure you size up the thread with the antenna portion before you cut. It'll be tight but just keep threading through..... then once threaded just push the shaft down and your done. Maybe a good idea to unplug your antenna motor plug too.
Theres better reception than a down stockie...
Nice meeting you on saturday.
Hell yeah I had a blast bradah. Nice to put faces on names on the forum.
Sad day came on 12/20/2013. Out of the P game for a little bit after the accident.

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damn. Stay up Kindu
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