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Greddy MSS BNIB $200

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Greddy MSS BNIB $200 I pay for shipping

FOR SELL a new Greddy MSS new in box here with uncut wire harness. Most I've seen have short cut wire harnesses

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G20 LoVeR85

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QUOTE=G20 LoVeR85]How much for this picked up?[/QUOTE]

Sorry man can't go any lower than $190 picked up These are super rare especially in this condition. Only reason why I'm getting rid of it is because I ended going with a standalone ecu that controls VVL
If you pay $200 I'll pay for your shipping

Thanks for your time
Frank (LerkZone)
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I will take it. will pay your asking price and shipping. let me know.
I heard Raul has one for sell
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