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I havent wanted to, but it seems no one is taking up the ENTIRE black leather interior i have from a p11 for $250, thats right, 250$!!!
This is dirt cheap, but it does come with some qwirks. The front seats are non oem, and the passenger front seat had the airbag in it deploy.

Nevertless everything else in this inteior is 8/10

Im considering parting the interior if people would be willing to buy the other componenets (ill prbly make more this way, go figure).

Anyone interested In:
The steering wheel?
The dashboard?
The center console? (cherry condition)
Rear Seats?
Seat belts.
Black trim?
Black Decklid?
The driver seat? (non power, lighter because racecar)
Black Carpet?
Door Panels? (7/10 condition)

Lmk, no single piece will be over $100 (cept maybe the rear seats)

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can you send me a pic?
pm me ur number

Im just guaging interest for dash, steering column cover, center console and carpet? Shipped to 85043. I have a beige interior but just wanting the three area.
those r big pieces obv, so dont quote me but id get u around $100, (mainly because the dash is so big and the carpet is obv needed for the swap) we can work something out tho

Do you have the plastic trim handle for the sun shade cover of the sun roof?
yea, i could part with the entire sunshade.
around 20 + shipping.

In general guys id need someone to buy the rear seats too to make it worth parting and shipping to all these diff places.
Or someone to buy the door sills.
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