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Heat Not Working

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Just bought a 93 P10 and My heater doesnt work but I think its related to the heater cable? The seller showed me an old invoice about how it was previous fixed. The invoice said something about a heater cable and she said he reach under the HVAC and pulled something that easily fixed it. I'm not 100% sure what she meant as I could tell she didnt really know, but car warms up just fine (far as operating temps) but like i said, i cant get the heater to blow hot air...any ideas?
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There is a cable that connects to the hvac panel on that dash to the heater box door. Just find where the cable goed on the box under glove box and pull it
There is a cable that connects to the hvac panel on that dash to the heater box door. Just find where the cable goed on the box under glove box and pull it
Thanks I'll take a look. Is there a fix or do I have to just remove it from the HVAC and have it sticking out somewhere so I dont need to remove the HVAC to get to it every time I want to switch it?
Normally its the box because the door is built in.
Where is that located? Under the glove box or do i need to remove the dash to get to it? You thinking its just the cable connection to the knob on the HVAC or something with the actual door?
You need to get back there with a flashlight and look at it. It's extremely hard to explain but if you look at it for a minute you will figure it out. I had this same issue on my old 92. Basically it's a clip that is holding a sleeved metal wire. You need to re-position the sleeved wire in the clip.

You need to look behind the hvac unit from the passenger side to see what I'm talking about.
Am i looking at the wire on the HVAC side, or the cable at the Blend door side? I looked in there and saw the problem was that when I pushed it to HEAT the cable wasnt being pulled on hard enough to full close it. If i stuck my hand in there and pulled on the cable, the heat came on. I could slide it to cold though and get cold, but for heat, it needs that extra tug.
You are looking at the blend door cable on the hvac side. Specifically where a metal clip holds the cable in place. The clip has either has gone weak or is missing all together. Of course that is if you are having the same issue as I had.
Some times I give me and extra tug to get my heat working! Lol
But that's my personal problem

IM wondering if they've was worked on and they metal clip securing they cable sleeve to HVAC unit came off. If its not sacured they cable will move but not direct like it should
More like loose and sloppy
It was the cable, i reached in and had to tug on it to get it to close the blend door the whole way. All i did for now was tied a piece of string to the cable and hung it out the side of the dash by my knee so if it doesnt pull all the way I can give it an extra tug without removing anything again. It will go back to cool, its just that on heat it gets "stuck" to not pulling out all the way.
Fix the clip and ditch the string.
I assume I just follow the cable to the slider on the HVAC and i'll find the clip? Not sure how to see behind it, do i just do it by feel?
yes just follow the cable to the back of the hvac unit. There should be a clip holding the cable about 2" away from the back of the hvac unit. If there is no clip there at all then that is your issue. Mine had the clip but it was weak and not holding the cable.
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