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Help finding starter - pics

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Can somebody please help me find the starter on my 2001 Infiniti g20
I've looked at all the threads and can't seem to match it with what I'm looking at

So far the car is jacked up. I've removed the battery and intake box
I've looked all around for this y-bracket and starter but can't seem to find it

Help please!
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Above/behind the passenger side axle, bolts into the belhousing from the engine side, tucked against the block.
Lol so I'm on the wrong side... Why'd I have to remove the intake then

So I'm looking at the oil filter under the car
Still no idea where I'm reaching towards
towards the front of the engine behind the radiator?

This is the closest thing that looks like it and its near driver side fender??
If your under the car (firewall side) look where the motor and tranny bellhousing meet right above the passenger axle shaft is the starter
Lol thanks for your patience
I'm losing mine

The exhaust pipe leads up to here and this metal plate is bolted over the exhaust manifold runners
Am I supposed to remove this to see it?
your way off man.
you had to take the intake off to get the bolts that hold it on pretty much at the top of the tranny stand by the driver tire and follow the tranny down to the right and reach behind and if you know what it looks like you will find it by feeling.
if you havent realized its a pain in the ass
Like I said, above and behind the passenger axle, where the axle goes into the trans.
found these photos from another thread for a '99:

its kinda dark outside now; ill continue tomorrow... Am i supposed to loosen the two bolts in the 2nd pic, which is near the driver side? and then look for it near the firewall above the passenger side axle?
The 00+ does NOT have the Y bracket.... the starter is on the back of the motor where the transmission meets the engine on the DRIVERS side of the car, above the axle and below the intake.

You have to remove the intake to access the two bolts that hold the starter in place. The two bolts in the first picture look correct.

Because of how the starter is designed you have to take it out, and install it from below the car. Its a pain in the ass but it IS doable with one person (I've done it twice). However a second person is helpful to screw the bolts in while you hold the starter in place from underneath the car.
its to the left of the knock sensor right under the intake manifold. there are several threads with pics.

... You've got to be Sh*tting me.

Well I ended up finding it much easier when the sun was out... but how on earth did anyone do this with a regular jack and stands?? my hand can barely get in there, let alone wiggle the rusty piece of crap out of there... my ass was freezing and there was no way i'd be able to do anything at all other than bend my wrist and poke at it... the jack wouldn't go any higher..
lol, i just ended up putting everything back together and dealing with trying to start it with 5-10 turns of the key before it fires up... guess ill look for another starter before attempting it again.. or finding a mechanic to borrow their lift
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