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Help: installing front bumper

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I recently bought this p11 g20 (been about 3 weeks now) and i finally got around to trying to fix the hanging/saggy front bumper as it's ugly to look at but when i went under to see what bolts are missing to tighten it up, seems like nothing's there

i know it was hit, but i don't know what's missing, if anything, and where do the bolts go to make it tight. here are some pics, if it gives you all any clue to help me

thanks in advance

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Yep, it's missing the metal bumper clip/hanger thingy.. haha really don't know what it's called, I'll try and find a pic of it.

Looks like someone forgot to put it back on when they replaced your core support...

Edit: Here it is

It lays on top of the bumper and attaches to each fender
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thanks for the reply and answering so quickly.
guess i have to go to the junk yard or something to find it, thanks again!
No problem, if you don't find one at the junkyard they cost $60 plus ship at


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nice work y2k HIGH FIVE
that should be they way we help each other out
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