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Help with P10 CV Joint Removal - Stuck in Axle Carrier

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I have run into a bit of a jam replacing the CV joints on my P10. The driver side shaft came out without a fuss, but I am stuck on the passenger side. After I removed the bolts from the axel carrier, I yanked on the shaft like it says in the posts. Half or the shaft came out. The other half is still in the transmission, because it is stuck in the axle shaft. I have tried everything including tapping the shaft from the driver side with a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. No good. It’s almost like it’s fused in. It seems that my only option is to remove the whole assembly with the axle carrier. Before I do this, is there a tool to separate the shaft from the carrier? If not how difficult is it to remove the carrier? I have very little room underneath and getting the carrier bolts off was a PITA. I would appreciate some responses so I can finish up over the weekend. Thanks.
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Try pushing it back in and then pulling it out somewhat quickly.
You haven't unbolted the carrier? You need to do that first.
I did remove the three bolts. Like I said above...
Is this an auto trans g20¿ I heard some auto pass axle comes w/ c-clip (same clip as driver axle)...... those things are very hard to remove
I bought an axle adaptor and rented a slide hammer from parts store to rip my axle out.
Done! BFH did it. Actually, I got lucky. It looked like it was fused on there. I turned it and hammered it near the end and at the joint. I figured I had nothing to lose except the warranty on the part as long as it came out. I think the trick was tapping the flange for the lower bolt hole and getting it to turn in the carrier and loosen up. That opened up a little seam and it was just a matter of prying it out with a little crowbar. It was all rusted inside. Will add grease on the install.
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