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Little backround on this car:I found a couple local and one caught my eye, it was a black 99 with 90k miles with the cold weather package. My father came out with me to take a look at the car, everything seemed to be fine and the car drove great. The guy wanted 5k for the car but after a week of emailing this guy back and forth I had gotten him down to 4,100 out the door and I picked up the car the next day. I always hated that the car was auto, always seemed to shift at the wrong times. I had made an account here and started reading about others cars and such and made the decision I would do a 5speed swap.

Things that I wanted to do originally:
Suspension - KYB GR2 with Tien SS springs and new bumpstops.
Engine - JDM SR20DET swap, gonna be sitting at stock 7lbs
ACT stage 2 flywheel and clutch plate
Exhaust of some sort for the turbo 3" all the way back.
Wheels - 2003 SpecV 17x7 wheels - 5 spoke

Revised setup:
Suspension - Zankoku Performance coilovers - Purchased
- Cusco front strut bar
- Octotat rear strut bar
Engine - BB T25 with wastegate boost from chris
- ACT street clutch with HD PP
- 2.5" exhaust
- Calum basic
Wheels - Racing Hart C2 17" - Purchased

What needs to be done:
- Fix/replace dowel in transmission
- Fix cross threaded xmember bolt
- Fix broken tabs on climate control
- Fix rip in the back seat
- Full tuneup before boost
- Get paint buffed on drivers side
- New radio
- Relocate battery to trunk
- Buy turbo from chris - tax refund.
- Send ECU out to calum soon

Getting the parts.

Rob posted up a partout thread from a front end wrecked G20, and the guy was in St. Louis. After a few PMs we had set up a price and a time when I could come pull the parts from the car that I needed, and it was this past weekend and just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. Ended up with all the parts I had needed for only 500 bucks! Going from a 4 speed auto without LSD to a 5 speed manual with LSD. We left chicago at 7:30AM saterday morning, heading about an hour west of St. Louis.

How the car looked when we got to it, not too bad, but frame damage.

Getting at the tranny fluid plug.

Engine bay without the battery and intake.

5 Speed tranny with LSD :D

Going after the lower control arm pins.

This cost us about an hour to get a new adaptor from the closest Sears, Harbor Freight is fucking junk. This happened when going after the lower control arm supports. The guy at sears asked us how big of a bar we were using :D

My buddy Garrett going after the shift linkage above the cat.

Unbolting the crossmember and motor mounts.

Having the FSM was a HUGE help while doing this.

While unbolting the tranny from the block I was pulling out the breaker bar and the socket got caught on a hose and fell off. Fell somewhere into the car and searched for about half an hour looking for this socket and ended up going to Sears again and just buying a new one. When we got back to the car I had pulled the bottle jack from under the block and the car shook, out fell the 17mm socket we were looking for. Whoops :p

Unbolted and almost out!

When yanking out the drivers axle it would not come off and poped it in half at the boot, you can see half of the axle still in the tranny.

All of our "loot"

Nom nom nom, meaty clutch.

My buddy Garrett at midnight, getting gas before we left. It was a six hour drive back to chicago.

The Swap.

Here is the second set of pictures, about three weeks ago friday I had started at 10am, worked until 1am in a freezing garage. Saterday got back at it at 9am and ended at midnight and sunday started at 10am and finished at 2pm! It was so much fun and can't wait for the spring for boost. Most nerve racking moment was starting the car, to my surprise it threw no codes, win!

Here is some group photos of all the parts we pulled from the AR2 G20..

Didnt know there was a snap ring on the drivers side axle, ended tugging on it a bit too hard and popped if off at the CV joint :doh:

The night went on, didnt have much time to take photos as this is my DD and wanted to get it done before monday. The cat bolts were fucked ended up hacking off the exhaust right before the resonator.

Me going after the cat bolts with a grinder..

Almost there, just the flex plate and torque converter.

Finally is all off!

Flywheel/clutch/PP all bolted up!

Auto trans again...

Torque converter...

Bunch of tools at the end of the night.

Auto and 5 speed trannys together.
Auto with torque converter weighed about 150lbs
5speed with flywheel/clutch/pp 90lbs

Intake and random bolts.

Exhaust, cross member and auto shifter.

End of day one. Got the auto tans out and clutch/PP bolted up to the crank.

Fast forward to sunday.. :)

Almost done with my projector retrofit aswell..

Got my car back from paint on the passengers side to fix a rather large scratch. Paint looks great, but they scratched the tint on my rear window. *sigh*

I was driving though the parking lot at the college of dupage and a girl who was texting decided to turn into me. I swerved and curbed the passenger front to miss her and she still managed to nick my car. No real damage, just some scuffs on the clear coat. Ragin' :dead:


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retro fit looks cool. keep up the progress.

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All looks good man. Especially the manual trans and the headlights. Oh yea the C2s also :teeth:

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wait wtf... did a transmission swap by yourself your car was auto and u turned it to stick? if im if im right your crazy.....but anyways great job and the headlights looks really clean

Dude, your bed is a car..
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Nice work bro!

can't wait to see the car in person

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So clean, love the gunmetal c2s!!! Now you just gotta clear those front corners or.... I have a set cleared and coated slightly on the heavy side w/ night shades in great condition that I will hook u up for super cheap like 20 + shipping if your interested

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Do you have closer pic of the wheels? Those look damn good... what paint did you use?

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Ah okay. Thanks!
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