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...for what I used it for.

This little stuff comes in a bottle and you can get it at your local auto parts store.

I figured that I could stop the endless waiting for gaskets when I needed to do something by using this stuff.

You brush it on in the form of a gasket and let it sit till it gets tacky. You then put your parts back together.

Well my car still has the crappy idle problem after driving it in the city for a while. (The idle gets lower and lower progressively until it starts to nose dive).

I just said let me get some real gaskets. Well a week later, the gaskets came.

I went to replace the gasket for the IACV-AAC and throttle body and behold, no more indian shellac.

Guess all that stuff got sucked into the motor.

It's probably good for low pressure applications, but I'll not use it again.

Just an FYI.
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