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HOTSHOT header revival: Gaskets!

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Alright peoples

the primera I got had a hotshot header on it, but it was fkd and it was cheaper to get a brand new toyosports one fitted.

months and months down the line, i have had no joy with the toyosports one. Countless new gaskets and the gap between the o2 sensor wiring and the fan is so small you can't fit a rizzla in there. Terrible placement.

I am getting the hotshot one repaired, it needs a weld fixing and it needs a new flexi pipe (I am using UK terms here... I think you guys call that part a collector?????)

I feel that there were more gains power wise with the toyosports one, however for design and ease of working around it, I am taking it off the car. I've managed to damage the radiator trying to take one of the fans out which kind of made the decision for me.


Whole point of posting this up:

I need new gaskets. I am getting the manifold gasket straight from Nissan, but the gasket between the 4-2 and the downpipe, and the gasket between the downpipe and the cat, I do not know where to source them.

I believe that the gaskets are different to those on the toyosport as the joins are a lot smaller on the hotshot.

would an exhaust specialist be able to help with these? as in custom make some or what?

any help would be appreciated
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I think copper gaskets are the way to go with those. IDK where to source them.
also search for Subaru downpipe gasket too, think these fit too
Hey Mr. Berrif, do you still have the red 11?
Hey Mr. Berrif, do you still have the red 11?
Hey Schwen hope all is well. how is the p10?

I do. currently getting a lot of surgery, see here:
Thank you all for your replies. The exhaust shop said they'd custom make the gaskets... so that's the route I am going down.
BUMP: Exhaust shop couldn't make one. I was asked to source one... doh

The Honda ^^^ ones as of link above don't quite fit/line up.

try sce gaskets part #9412, #9400, I could't find the last one w/ 2 holes
uhhh my link provided will get you the information required. Since the spoon is warmed up here you go.....

If you would have searched the SCE catalog for a Nissan Primera you would have found.


Lastly, you can get the gaskets from OEM Nissan that are MLS and very nice gaskets.
You can use the EJ20 Cometic Exhaust Gasket with some cutting or widening the holes a bit. They come in a pair.
Part Number: C4204-030
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