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How do you take the cap off the top of the steering knuckle?

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I'm replacing my wheel bearings and read the great writeup. I know its prob really simple but how do you take that cap off the top?
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I have used a large screw driver/pry bar the pry behind cap against the knuckle but that bent the cap on the back side. Now I just use a slim flat-head screw driver and hammer it under the rubber seal and slowly pry around the rim until it pops.
I use a sharp wide chisel and a hammer.
dont pound the flathead in too far or you will have a leaky cap. i did this the first time i had a G in pieces but i was fine since i have a parts car.
I use a sharp wide chisel and a hammer.
I did the same with a chipped up narrow chisle and hammer and still got it off pretty easily. Id put antiseize or some grease on it when replacing it so its not difficult to remove next time and dont forget the washer.
I've never done it without fucking it up. :-/
I jab a screw deiver threw them.... .... ..... .... in the junk yard ;)
Thanks for the suggestions. I was able to get the cap off. One more question. The hub is bad, it fell out and was chewed up so it cannot be reused. I have two P10s that are not currently running and was wondering if I can press out one of those hubs into the steering knuckle for the P11 that I'm working on?
the knuckle is definately different. they both use the same part number bearing but i am not sure about hub. i am leaning toward probably but i would do a part catalog check on rockauto or another online part place and see if the # is the same.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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