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I apologize for the lack of pictures at this moment, I promise I'll get them posted once I finish this little mod. Not sure if this has already been covered or what, but I didn't find anything, ha ha. So here goes:

I'm cleaning up my SR20VE to swap in my P10, and I ordered the AL crank and water pump pulleys from Gspec. However, I'd also like to have pulleys for the other two accessories if possible, so everything looks nice and matches. Well, being an S-Chassis guy for the past 10+ years, I have a few extra parts laying around (say, 15 Costco sized totes full of parts.... ha ha). I happened to have an extra plain AL pulley for an S13 SR20DET by some no-name company (probably Megan, acquired it in a box of parts from a friend), but naturally it doesn't fit directly. So, I gave the stock pulley along with the spare S13 pulley to the quality inspector at my work, and asked him to figure out exactly what the variances were, so I could modify the aftermarket one to fit. We will pretend that these are little wheels, so you can visualize what I'm saying until I get some pictures up. So here it is (all dimensions rounded, but very very close... as in within .005"-.010"):

SR20VE PS Pulley:

The hub part is about 14mm (.550") thick. It has a negative offset of about 15.25mm (.600").

S13 Aftermarket DET pulley:

The hub part is also about 14mm (.550") thick. It has a negative offset of about 10.2mm (.400").

Conveniently, the splines are setup to allow a little modification (you shouldn't have to cut into them). What you need to do is to face the side of the hub that is closer the center-line by .2" (5mm). Then you need to have a spacer made that is 15mm (19/32") ID and 25mm OD (1") and 5mm thick (.2"). After this you can either weld it, bond it, or just bolt it on to the opposite side of the hub and go. That's it!

They are the same diameter and spline count BTW. I'll get pictures up as soon as I do it so people can see it visually, but I just wanted to get it down before I lost the measurements, ha ha.
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