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how to find out production date of of a car

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i was wondering if there was a way to find out the production date of the car online by using the vin number. i know that for bmws you can go on to and enter the last 7 of the vin to find out info on the car. i was hoping for the same for g20s. any help???


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or you can just look at the vin plate

I think nissan FAST might supply the date as well but I'm not positive. I haven't used it in a long time.
the door sticker should tell [email protected] i recall my p10 stating it
ok thanks. i dont have the car with me and was hoping to find out online somehow.
call the dealership
cool thanks guys. first dealer wouldn't give me the prod date, but the 2nd one did.
I will never understand dealers and their dumb ass fucking secrecy bs. Some refuse to give dates, some refuse to sell parts, some refuse to give part numbers. It's like WTF.
Look at the sticker on the inside part of the door. No secrets there! :teeth:
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