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1) 1/4" drive ratchet
2) 1/4" extension
3) 10mm socket
4) 10mm box wrench
5) Cervesa of choice

We start by prying and popping off the switch cover and the door handle cover thingies. Do this by wrapping a cloth around a flathead screwdriver or something of the sort, and pry and pull here...

...and here...

Once you've got them pryed up a bit, just pull on them and they'll pop out. Disconnect the harness from the switch and/or the switch from the cover.

Now remove the two screws (circled in red) that hold the door panel to the frame with the 10mm socket. Ignore the fact that one of mine has a flathead screw in the picture.;)

Once those screws are out, you'll need to remove the door panel. Do this by grabbing the little hole at the bottom of the door panel and pulling straight out. Then lift the door panel up off the top rail and place it aside.

Now you can start removing all the screws you can see on top of the plastic sheet. There's one screw hidden behind that little peice of black padding that you can't see. Make sure you keep track of which screws go where, because they're not all the same...some are sheet metal screws and some are machine screws.

Now carefully peel the plastic covering off the frame and place it somewhere where you won't accidentally "sit" on it. :tired: Try no to let any part of the plastic sheet fold over on itself, beacuse that blask sealant shit is a bitch to separate.

Once you've removed the plastic, you should see this...

Romove those two screws and the three screws holding the motor in place, here...

Remove the four screws holding the rail in place (top and bottom). When you do this, the entire assembly will be free, so becareful not to let it drop hard.



Now the tricky part is getting the slider bracket separated from the window. Normally you lower the window down to the bottom to line it up with the access holes seen here...

...but since my motor was broken and I didn't feel like taking the motor head off and doing it manually because I'm lazy and dumb, I just moved everything around until I could get access at the two screws that hold the window to the assembly. You'll need to use the box wrench to do it this way cause it's a tight fit, but when you install the new motor, just use the access holes that you're supposed to.

Here's a shot of how I got to them.

The glass is now completely free, be careful not to let it fall once you loosen the screws. What I did, was then prop it up with a wooden dowel to give me room to remove the old motor and put in the new one. Work the motor out through the large hole in the door. Make sure the motor harness is disconnected.

Now install the new motor assembly and bolt it all back up. Plug the harnesses and the switch back together and lower the slider down to the access hole. This will make reattaching the window a breeze.

Run the window up and down a few times to make sure that it's operating properly then just perform all the steps in reverse making sure everything is snug, but not overtight as a lot of the screws will strip if you torque them too much.

Now sit back, get yourself another tasty alcoholic beverage, and give youself pat on the back for a job well done.:thumbsup:

Hope this helps. Thanks to BaDDis B13 for hooking me up with the motor like 7 months ago when it first broke.
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