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HOW TO: wire a ve distributor into a de harness!!

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no more needing to modify the distributor when swapping in a ve! just use this pin guide and you will be using the VE distributor on the DE harness!!

MAJOR NOTE!!: the vvl distributor has the resistor built into the distributor where as the p10 and p11 have it in the harness. if you have already wired it up and have issues with a check engine code (p1320), cut the resistor out and connect the green and yellow wires coming out of it so the resistor is removed. (sorry i forgot all about that part initially)

pin1-------(black) cmps------------------pin6--------------pin1 CMPS ground
pin2-------(orange) cmps-----------------pin5--------------pin2 CMPS +12v (small red-n-white wire)
pin3-------(blue) cmps-----------------pin3--------------pin4 CMPS Reference
pin4-------(yellow) cmps-------------------pin4--------------pin3 CMPS Position
pin5-------(yellow/red) resistor*----------pin8--------------pin7 Ignition check (coil -)
pin6-------(black/red) coil-----------------pin7--------------pin8 Coil +12v (large red-n-white wire)
pin7-------(black) transistor---------------pin2--------------pin5 Ground
pin8-------(white) transistor--------------pin1--------------pin6 Ignition signal

*because of how the distributor is designed (see major note) the resistor will need to be bypassed. connect the yellow/red wire for the stock resistor (from the harness side) to pin 5 on the vvl distributor.

^^look ma, VE distributor!!

EDIT!!: changed the highport, camshaft reference and position wires around. got myself a highport distributor and realized i had the wrong wires on the list.
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yeah. I think this setup is better than the old style setup...I actually started to convert my 92 harness into a 94+ distributor setup as well... I'd probably clean up this thread, and or make a How-To and put it in the Sponsor section
this is def a good mod to clean up the engine bay, especially on 91-93's
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