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ok well there isn't a fully definitive thread on this....the reason im guessing is because for some reason some p10's have different color wiring harness's

hopefully these pics will help

my car is a 1996

ok well i de-pinned me stock plugs so i didn't have to splice & hack up my is real easy & i show you how to do it here

Ok so heres your plug you want to de-pin

you will notice it has a little bendy clip thing on it....insert your screw driver into the crease, then twist your screw driver towards the front of the plug (back side should pop out) then twist it towards the wires ( the front should pop out)

Grab the clip & push it until it latches on the back of the plug

take a look in the plug & you will see where the metal meets the plastic

insert a sturdy thin piece of metal ( i used a strong paper clip) in the opening for each wire at a angle , then push down & slide the wire towards the back of the plug (where the wires meet the plug)

then pull the wires out of the plug, take note to which way they come out....they can only be fully inserted back into the plug 1 way...but could probably work the other way to but then you wont be able to plug it into your bulb holder

ok now since i showed you how to de-pin the all of your plugs. What you will see below is all the plugs Re-pinned for the Clear tails.. the way are USDM harness are & lights are, are a bit different then the clear will notice on your clear tails inners....there are only 3 wires/terminals in the plug./....that's because other countries are required to have a rear fog light. In US we don't have that. You'll also notice one of your inners will have only 1 bulb & the other bulb hole blocked off. To have your tails look is suggested that you drill that blockage piece out, & then put another bulb in your holder for it.

The way i have my tails wired up is, when your lights are on, only the outer's are lit up. then when you hit the break all for lights light up (if you don't drill out that blockage in the other light & put a extra bulb in your holder, only 3 of the 4 will light up....& it will look weird.)

this is Left outer

This is left inner (left trunk)

this is right inner (right trunk)

this is right outer

You'll notice that when you hook up the inners that there will be a wire that aint doing anything. As i said earlier i have my inners turn on when the brakes are pushed.....if you rather have them come one with the parking lights & only the outers get brighter when you push the brake, switch the red wire with blue stripe to the red wire with the green stripe

Wiring Guide
red/blue........tail lights
red/green......stop lights
green/white...reverse lights
green/black...Left turn signal
green/yellow..Right turn signal

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only problem i think there is.,/...

no way to have the EUDM tails work like the USDM ones....

since the bulb holder for the "Fog" portion is only single filamient......

hmmmm i wonder.....

any onegot a spare set of EUDM bulb holders?

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Nice thread Steve.. Now I have no excuse not to install mine. :)

MJ, I love your sig.. she looks nice with bigger boobies. :naughty:
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