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Howto: - P11 FOB Fix - 'Hard to Press' Key FOB Buttons

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OK, I'm sure alot of people might be experiencing this now. Your key FOB doesn't seem to work, so you change the battery and still, it's tough to get it to work. Well, I just ran into this with a FOB I picked up from eBay. I figured it out why. Over time, the little pads on the back of the buttons, wear out/ get soft over the years of use, and as a result, you need to press even harder to get the button/function to work. The harder you press over time only helps to make the problem worse.

Well, I've come up with a simple fix (and possible fiscal help too) What you need to do is insert a small plastic shim between the button and the button pad to regain it's hard surface again. What's the fiscal help in all of this? Well a credit card is the perfect thickness of plastic you need! So, by cutting up your credit card (a) you've fixed your FOB for free, and (b) since you've just cut up your credit card, you can't use it to buy something you really cant afford! lol
(Ordering a replacement credit card defeats 'b', so pretend I didn't mention it)

Pictures should be self explanatory. Oh yeah, there's one added fix. The white 'H' plastic piece you see, I originally only added that to support the the circuit board from flexing when pressing the 'LOCK' button & the credit card 'shim' to the 'UNLOCK' button. Today, when I took these pics, I decided to add a shim to the 'LOCK' button as well. Now it's super sensitive!

It's easy to see the word pads LOCK (top) & UNLOCK (right)

Plastic Shims

Plastic shims in place - I used nothing to hold them in place, once to snap the circuit board back onto the button pad, it will hold them in place.

Again, I used nothing to hold it place, It's held in place once you snap the FOB back together again.

. . . . . .
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That's awesome!
finally got around to doing this after my battery died on great! good write-up!
yup i have this problem, ill try it! thnx


just did it, its like brand new! might try something slimmer than a cr card(unused one), might be too sensitive with it, I'll give it a try for now! not doing my panic button.
Man, I've had this same problem for a while now and I'll give a try tomorrow. My only question is, what is the lil plastic H made out of?
It's a slice off of a plastic 'H' beam I picked up from a hobby shop. However, I'm sure you can use anything you want instead of what I used.
Holy monkey, it worked like a charm. You are the smartest man on the Intarwebs, Slimlou.
plus, i noticed this too, to increase general responsiveness, just change the battery; it can send the signal further and stronger
...You are the smartest man on the Intarwebs, Slimlou.
And I thought I was just good looking...
the real way to fix things is in my sig :smile:
the real way to fix things is in my sig :smile:
How does punching a girl in the face fix a key fob?
Keep that garbage out of quality threads man.
There is a section for that.
Take it there.

Sorry Lou, some people just post on random threads to draw attn to their new sig. Lame actually.
Thanks, slimlou, for a great write-up. I used a paper punch so my shims fit the round indentations in the button pad very easily. I'll reprogram now and enjoy my better-than-new fob.
Thanks OP, and sorry for the thread revival.

I learn, I learn, changed the battery in the FOB.
i think on mine the tact switch is worn. but nice write up

i soaked the board and tact switchs in contact cleaner and it helped alot
Ha! I just saved some money by doing this. Thanks slim :thumbsup:
There's a newer thread by another member who sprayed the circuit board with electronic contact cleaner and it worked as well. After 11+ years, dust & crap can still get in the fob. A hood cleaning might also do the trick!
Hope commenting and reviving an old yet very worthy thread is ok. Ive been having issues with my fob and it working intermitently, in general. New battery didnt help. Hoping this will.

Cant see the images for some reason. But i think i can get a shim plate created from the text.

Thanks for posting this.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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