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I need help! front fender of my 2000 infiniti G20t is coming off

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Well first off my car is lowered so in tends to scrape at times its a 2000 Infiniti G20t, sometimes when it scrapes it will tend to pull the front fender out of place and in past occurrences i would be able to push it in and it will lock back in place but this time my drivers side and passenger side of the front fender are hanging about an inch down and its out of place and wont click back in i see there's a screw that keeps it in place but it should lock back in but i haven't tried re-tightening the screw to see if it will lock the fender back in place. i just want to know is this has happened to anyone of you guys or do u any of you have ideas on how to fix this thank you
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i think you need to un grease the fender. it sounds like its slipping. mine used to do that and i just cleaned it up and put a piece of tape to hold it up. still holding
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