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I need your input

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So my car is mess up and I think it's time for the ve =). I found one for 700 is that a good price for those ? Also need help on what I need for the swap I been searching here and online too many threads with no help. I have a 99 p11 and I read that I can use my harness, maf, ecu, and injectors on the ve to make it run right. Also read that I need to rewire the distributor ?. please I need your input follow members
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There is alot of great threads in the sponsor section.... also live chat that is really helpful for quik questions and posting pics and links...
that's where I would start ;)
So I need to sponsor up ???
You don't have to, but could prove to be useful... im sure you will get ur money back out if it in no time flat, I did!
Ok I will but if it's not useful I shall blame it all on you haha ... Just kidding
Ok I sponsor up. Can someone direct me to a thread that would help me
Ok I will. Why should I be afraid ?
Need these things answer please my car is a 99 and i search but not too much luck.
1. I can use my own ecu and harness. ecu must get ecu tune in the future
2. I need to swap my injectors and distributor to the ve. Modify the dizzy to fit the head.
3. I have get a rpm switch ?
4. anything else you guys might think of
That isn't going to work in California. Nothing you do will ever be legal, but should at least have OBDII and b13 ecu don't.
Are you talking about smog wise cause if I swap the ve it won't pass anyway due to the motor being from Japan. I was going to get a step down harness and tat should make it work fine
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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