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looking for a can opener
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sandusky, ohio
some town in north boring-o ohio


cedar point.. an island with an amusement park on it

you can see hotels bottom left, the also have camp grounds you can stay on the island if you want.
I cant emphasize how great this place is

best goddamn time you can have with your pants on.
go there.
now. (when it opens in may)


There's also an awesome hotel/resort called Kalahari, which has indoor and outdoor waterparks.
Outside is mostly for kids but theres enough adult stuff there that you can legitimately have fun.
The town itself can keep you entertained if you are tired of getting wet.
I guess its close to the east/central time zone border.. it was like 10:30pm and the sun wasn't even setting yet but anyway...


Dude, your bed is a car..
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I really want to go to cedar point!
is only an hour away from this years convention :)

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Being from Ohio, I was assuming that this was going to be sarcastic, because hardly anybody thinks Sandusky is great. However, you can have a lot of fun there, especially with Cedar Point. There are a lot of great rides for adults, like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, but also kid areas for the family.

While I'm not sure about a zombie outbreak, but I know from experience that you dont want to be one the island if it decides to rain. The entire place basically becomes flooded and there was like 4" of water in the parking lot.

You can also take a speed boat to Kelley's Island, which, front what I remember, is a good adult hang out place to go eat and drink all day/night.
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