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Ignition switch, wipers and radio intermittant

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Just got through changing the ignition switch (the electrical part only). 2000 g20

Very easy job, take of plastic panels on column, lower panel, metal brace, and two Phillips screws on switch.

$39.95 at Autozone. If your having intermittent electrical problems try wiggling the key, if problems corrects itself or happens suspect the switch.

Don't hesitate to change it yourself. Real easy. Several other posts also confirmed others have had similar problems.
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good job bro,
this video is for a 4th gen maxima, i did mine on my 02 g20 sport. Its almost identical procedure so if your a visual guy like me here you go
my car does this. I wasn't sure wth you would have to do to fix it with the chipped key. I guess nothing...good to know i should fix mine before it totally breaks.
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