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I'm hearing certain noises. Is it my Crank Pulley? Oil Pump?

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Anytime my AC comes on I hear a squealing from what I thought was just a worn belt. The belt has since been replaced, but my mechanic believes it is a problem with a wobbly crankshaft pulley. Does that sound right? There was also mention of bearings possibly being at play here, I don't think that is part of the pulley. Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as what parts I need to star sourcing to fix this?

When AC on- fluttering squealing
When Alternator on- lighter fluttering squealing

As I drive I also hear what sounds like the brushing of metal against metal, I hear it bouncing back from other cars and retaining walls. My brake pads just got replaced all fours with ceramics and I was advised my rotors where fine, could this be related to any of the above?:zoinks:
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Interested im buying a crank pulley. PM if you gots one!
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