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I was in need of some gr-2's for my p11 and heard of a couple different places. Import replacement parts had them in stock and total cost with ground shipping was $206.10 so I went with them. Here's the link below:

Here's the good and bad:

-Cheap cost
-Fast shipping (I ordered on Sat night and recieved them on Wednesday)
-In stock

The Bad:
-They shipped without having to sign for it so the package was sitting on my doorstep, not a big deal until I walked up to it and found-
-Crappy packaging. They used a box that didn't close all the way and used packaging tape to close it up. As soon as I walked up to the box I saw gr-2 in big print. If you live in a shady area this may be a concern.

All in all it was a good experience and would buy from them again.
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