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I bought this little black g20 and fell in love ❤ She turned around and broke down. She had to be towed to the mechanic who promptly told me it was going to be some ungodly amount for to fix/change out things the previous owner said were brand new and not even remotely related to the error codes she was sending so he got her towed back down & did what he could. I had her towed back up & home and parked her because no mechanics in my small town 17 miles from the next will work on her. Luckily the previous owner comes up when he can & works on her, but the only driving she sees is on the back of a tow truck. It’s a shame but if we could figure out why she keeps throwing the same codes after the sensors are replaced... we’re missing something but what? Anyway even though she sits I love her, I just know she’ll feel a hell of a lot better running all over this county & going to the beach everyday, I know I would! Lastly how else am I going to name her? Gotta drive her to name her!!! Oh if you’re interested it’s the aic, mass air flow & knock sensors plus replaced the air meter boot.
The codes both times are;
P0100 mass or volume air flow / A circuit
P0325 knock sensor / circuit bank / or single sensor
P0505 Idle air control system
All three above were replaced and she smoged, got registered and check engine light came right back on with the same 3 codes listed above. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you ?
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