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Infiniti Owners ONLY sweepstakes

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Be awesome if someone rolling around in a g20 won this and got a brand new car.

click image to go to infiniti website.

from infinti fb site:
The Infiniti Service 2014 Owner Appreciation Event is almost here! Check out and be sure to participate in the ‪#‎InfinitiLovesMe‬ Twitter and Instagram promotion for your chance to win daily $50 gift card prizes!
Mods feel free to move this. I had no idea where the hell it should go.
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Looks like you have to bring your car in for service to participate, lol. I'd rather shoot a hole in my foot than to bring my G20 in to the dealer, ha ha.
I read the rules and see no such statement. Though that front page makes it seem like you need to schedule a service.
tell them to keep the Q and that you want a 100% restored like brand new p10. Like mazda did to Alfred Morris's (redskins running back) 1991 mazda 626. Can read about it here
Nice, I only looked at the front page and that was the impression I got, ha ha.
Can I enter per Infiniti that I own?? I may have a chance!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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